Turkey leftovers? Not for long!

oven-roasted brine-soaked turkey
Image by Gregory Kohs used under Creative Commons License

It finally dawned on me that (American) Thanksgiving is in three weeks, so we should probably plan our menu and social calendar.  We rarely have turkey for Thanksgiving in this household!  But it’s not that we don’t love it, oh no.  Edmund usually makes something fancy and impressive — but not turkey — because this is his holiday to cook up a storm and try something new and inspiring.  And for me, turkey is a traditional Christmas meal in the old French Canadian tradition.

Also, we’re cheapskates and we buy turkey immediately after Thanksgiving, when it’s on deep discount.  Last year we got four or five turkeys during the time it was around 49 cents a pound — not all at the same time, but we do have two fridges so we use the extra space.  That week looked something like: brine turkey — cook turkey — pluck meat, freeze in ziplock bags — make broth with carcasses and freeze it in jars, or freeze them to make the broth later.  Repeat five times — even when the price rose to 59 cents a pound!  (Well, we did start with a more fancy turkey with the stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, yam pie, etc.)

And believe it or not, we still ran out of turkey meat for recipes before we got sick of turkey last winter!

So in preparation for Turkey Day, I thought I would line up some of my favourite recipes to use up turkey leftovers; and over the next three weeks, I’ll post the recipes.

I’m sure I forgot some!

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