Note: This post is part of my big turkey recipe blitz leading up to the holidays.

“Truthahngeschnetzeltes” is a German turkey ragout with mushrooms in cream sauce.  I first became acquainted with it last summer when we were in Seattle and some friends (hello, Linda, Ed, and Dawn!) took us to Heidelberg Haus for dinner.

I loved it, and once back home I decided I just had to make this dish.  I looked up recipes and, thanks to the magic of Google Translate, figured it out enough to make sense and re-write it in comprehensible English.  Here it is, in my big list of recipes on Google Drive.

The original calls for uncooked turkey, but if you have cooked meat that stayed sufficiently moist (brining is great for that), then using it instead works well.  As an added benefit, you can then cook it a shorter time.  And if you want to serve with spãtzle then use this recipe here and ignore the breakfast egg part at the end.

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