The Case of the Cultist Cop

BloodshadowsSome years ago, my husband Edmund created an ensemble cast for the role-playing game Bloodshadows.  The premise of the game. which runs on West End Games’ Masterbook system (almost identical to their TORG and Shatterzone games) is a world that combines hard-boiled detective stories, pulp adventure and dark fantasy.

Tough detectives in weathered trenchcoats swap biting comments with vampires in evening gowns.  Humans walk down dark streets side by side with demonic breeds and long-dead ghouls. And death — or Undeath — waits around every corner.

The cast which Edmund created revolves around Damon Sainte, P.I. down on his luck, and ten of his friends and allies.  The goal was to have the regular cast of a book or television series and be able to run pick-up games with whatever players available, providing each player with ample choice of characters every episode.  In the past I have played Big Dan the burnt-out gun mage, Ubaid the talking cat ex-familiar (and possibly ex-god), etc.

Yesterday, Edmund ran a game for our friend Maureen and I; Maureen played Cat the former pit fighter who now owns the casino above which Damon has his office and sleeping quarters, and for the first time I played Damon Sainte himself.  We had a fun time; here is a summary of the episode.  Continue reading “The Case of the Cultist Cop”