Fiasco: The Kai Tak Job, continued

rocket-propelled grenadesLast weekend we played the “HK TPK” playset by Corey Reid, John Rogers, and Gareth-Michael Skarka for Jason Morningstar’s game Fiasco (Bully Pulpit Games).  The game is intended to tell tales of things gone wrong, largely in the style of the Cohen Brothers’ movies; the playset simulates Hong Kong action movies.

We made it to the Tilt, and I took some very short notes.  I had hoped to transcribe them to narrative form, but I don’t think I’ll have the time and we’re playing the next portion tonight, so here they are.  I had already posted the setup and intro, but some of it is included again in the first two scenes here.

I can’t wait to see how our “stupid plan executed to perfection” turns out. Continue reading “Fiasco: The Kai Tak Job, continued”