Fiasco: The Kai Tak Job, continued

rocket-propelled grenadesLast weekend we played the “HK TPK” playset by Corey Reid, John Rogers, and Gareth-Michael Skarka for Jason Morningstar’s game Fiasco (Bully Pulpit Games).  The game is intended to tell tales of things gone wrong, largely in the style of the Cohen Brothers’ movies; the playset simulates Hong Kong action movies.

We made it to the Tilt, and I took some very short notes.  I had hoped to transcribe them to narrative form, but I don’t think I’ll have the time and we’re playing the next portion tonight, so here they are.  I had already posted the setup and intro, but some of it is included again in the first two scenes here.

I can’t wait to see how our “stupid plan executed to perfection” turns out.

Madame Wu/Jenifer sets the scene, confronts Tony Chin right after the botched Kai Tak job and gives him 48 hours (black die to Tony).

Wu Tang/Paul resolves the scene, confronted a year later by Madame Wu, tells her he’s working to atone for someone else; she spots him looking at Hideko (white die to Madame Wu).

Hideko Sasaki/Laura sets the scene, breaks into Naomi’s office files looking for info about her father’s death; she discovers that her father died at the clinic, is nearly caught by Naomi, but is unable to get a copy of the evidence before she has to run away (black die to Wu Tan).

Naomi Lau/Sophie sets the scene, meets w/ Wu Tang to find out who knows of her involvement with the death of the courier on the Kai Tak job, gets very reserved answers and starts wondering what he’s stashing in the crawl space under her clinic these days; notices she’s being followed by some Gwailo (black die to Hideko). (Quote of the night: “He walks like a Caucasian.”)

Tony Chin/Mark sets the scene, escaped to former USSR and served as mercenary in Tajikistan, sees recently purchased RPGs and recognizes “his.” Tracks them to Wu Tang, disguises himself as Gwailo and observes Wu Tang meeting with Naomi Lau. (Black die to Naomi.)

Madame Wu/Jenifer resolves the scene, informed by her street urchins watching Wu Tang and everyone he speaks to, learned about the stranger. Disguises herself as produce vendor and follows the stranger, recognizes Tony, confronts him; he tells her he only fled because he feared she would kill him and only came back so he could set things right with her. She agrees, but shoots him in the foot to give him a warning, puts the gun back in her basket under the veggies. (White die to Tony.)

Wu Tang/Paul sets the scene, disguises himself as middle-aged beau, follows Hideko around to protect her. But the ghost of her Grandma is in charge right now, dresses like a flamboyant prostitute and heads over to the clinic to extract the information about Hiro Sasaki “the old fashioned way.” Ambushed by a gang, so she and Wu Tang fight back to back against them – and he recognizes her fighting style! Disturbing kiss between the old man and the young woman. (White die to Madame Wu.)

Hideko Sasaki/Laura sets the scene, breaks into Naomi’s office but this time Grandma threatens Naomi with a gun, demanding to know what happened to Hiro Sasaki. Naomi rolls on Tony Lau but Harry hears her give up his brother to the killer! (White die to Wu Tang.)

Naomi Lau/Sophie resolves the scene, Madame Wu has her tied up in her own office(and unlucky place so far) and questioning her about what the crazy Japanese woman wanted and also why Naomi was talking to Wu Tang earlier. Again Naomi rolls, hoping Madame Wu will spare her life. (White die to Hideko.)

Tony Chin/Mark sets the scene, was actually having his foot seen to in the clinic and overheard the interrogation. Runs out the back escape, spots Hideko sitting on her scooter, disoriented after Grandma lost the upper hand; he confronts her and realises she’s Hiro Sasaki’s daughter. Threatens her but Wu Tang comes to the rescue and hits Tony in the head with a well-placed rock. (White die to Madame Wu.)

High rolls are Jenifer and Sophie, pick Tragedy (Pain leading to confusion) and Failure (A stupid plan executed to perfection) on the Tilt table.

The stupid plan: Wu Tang sells the goods not just to the highest bidder but to several bidders at a time, planing to take the money and run (or at least take the money and send Hideko to safety while he dies for her); every criminal faction – Triads, Yakuza, Russian Mafiya, North Korean black marketeers – descends on Kowloon City to fight it ought. In the resulting massive police response, Wu Tang has hired free agents to steal police vans and move the RPGs! After all, who’s going to stop police vehicles when 400 of them are crawling in the streets around Kowloon?

The confusion: Meanwhile, a limping and concussed Tony Chin has returned to the clinic to get help from Naomi who “generously” sees to his wounds.

What could possibly go wrong?

Edit: And now you can read the last part of the story here!

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