Mythago Wood: The Crowning of the King

Mythago Wood cover, 2003 editionThe book of the month in my Goodreads post-SF/F-class reading group was Robert Holdstock’s Mythago Wood.  Like in the class that preceded it, we can still post essays but on a voluntary basis, and we have relaxed the requirements for word count.  Here is my contribution (OK, I admit: I actually posted it to the club on June 1, making it a day late!)

The Crowning of the King

Mythago Wood can be read as a story of the need to conquer the Female Principle in order to obtain legitimate status as the Male Principle, the alpha male.

The plot is driven by the need for the Huxley men – the father George and his two sons in turn – to claim sole possession over one woman despite knowing that others have at least as much “right” to. Indeed, each knows that she is a mythago formed by his predecessors’ longings but still calls her “his.”  Continue reading “Mythago Wood: The Crowning of the King”