The Kai Tak Job: End of Episode 1

So I finally found time to post the notes from the end of our Fiasco: HK TPK game.¬† We enjoyed it a lot and have already decided to “film” a sequel, set in 1997 during the handover of the Hong Kong New Territories from Great Britain to China.

The story picks up immediately after the Tilt.

HK TPK: A Stupid Plan Executed to Perfection

Kai Tak landing corridor, seen from Kowloon walls.Tony Chin/Mark resolves the scene; Naomi recognized him when he came for treatment, kept him drugged and strapped down without his disguise. He’s very confused by the drugs and the sirens as the police starts the evacuation of the Kowloon Walled City, which is scheduled for demolition. He eventually talks Hideko into releasing him so he can go to the bathroom, and wanders off while she sees to another patient. In his drugged state, he stumbles into one of the fake police vans during the loading, and goes to sleep under a tarp on a pile of rocket-propelled grenades, escaping Naomi’s clutches. (White die.)¬† Continue reading “The Kai Tak Job: End of Episode 1”