The Kai Tak Job: End of Episode 1

So I finally found time to post the notes from the end of our Fiasco: HK TPK game.  We enjoyed it a lot and have already decided to “film” a sequel, set in 1997 during the handover of the Hong Kong New Territories from Great Britain to China.

The story picks up immediately after the Tilt.

HK TPK: A Stupid Plan Executed to Perfection

Kai Tak landing corridor, seen from Kowloon walls.Tony Chin/Mark resolves the scene; Naomi recognized him when he came for treatment, kept him drugged and strapped down without his disguise. He’s very confused by the drugs and the sirens as the police starts the evacuation of the Kowloon Walled City, which is scheduled for demolition. He eventually talks Hideko into releasing him so he can go to the bathroom, and wanders off while she sees to another patient. In his drugged state, he stumbles into one of the fake police vans during the loading, and goes to sleep under a tarp on a pile of rocket-propelled grenades, escaping Naomi’s clutches. (White die.) 

Naomi Lau/Sophie sets the scene, went to Madame Wu with one of the weapons when they were being moved, had to go back and hide a radio transmitter. Now she asks Madame Wu to release her from her debts, but she is left with an ominously ambiguous answer. (Black die.)

Hong Kong Police VansHideko Sasaki/Laura sets the scene; Grandma is in control, follows Tony – her son’s killer – as he stumbles downstairs and hides a radio-controlled incendiary device on the van as he goes to sleep. She follows the van on her scooter but looses it among other police vans at a roundabout during a struggle for control between the two personalities. (Black die.)

Wu Tang/Paul sets the scene. It’s later, and Grandma-controlled Hideko writes the truth on a mirror in lipstick for Hideko to see, but Wu Tang, spying on her, sees it too. In the mirror, “Grandma” (Shiyoko) sees him peeking through the window! She calls out to him, demands that he come help her kill Tony but refuses to go to safety while he handles it. (Shiyoko: “It is the duty of blood to pay for blood.”) (Black die.)

zhengzhou-china-ghost-mallMadame Wu/Jenifer resolves the scene. Thanks to her network, Madame Wu finds the warehouse where the weapons are going to be auctioned off. When she realizes that so many of her enemies are there, she burst in with her bodyguards, issues a challenge, and starts retribution. After ass-kicking, she sits as the auction table and says: “Now, down to business. We shall start the bidding at…”  (White die.)

Tony Chin/Mark establishes the scene. Tony wakes up, finds himself bouncing around in a van with the weapons – he can’t believe his eyes! He manages to subdue driver, get his gun, and him throw out of the van. He decides to drive to Madame Wu to deliver the goods and “set things right…” He drives past Hideko and Wu Tang on the scooter, looking for him – and they spot him driving! On the radio, he hears the instruction to the drivers to report to the warehouse but he shoots the radio and heads to Madame Wu’s place. In the hold, the goods are rolling around, along with the bomb… Shiyoko knows that Tony was working for someone when he killed Hiro Sasaki, so she wants to follow him where he’s going. Just as Tony stops the van and is getting up, the bomb goes off and sends more explosive devices rolling all around… (Black die.)

Naomi Lau/Sophie resolves the scene. No longer trusting Madame Wu to release her from debt, Naomi calls Harry (Tony’s brother), who is a clean cop, and tells him about the location of the auction which she learned from one of her patients. She goes to check on Wu Tang, who is missing, but sees his hot dog cart unattended. Inside, she finds a radio detonator with dials to input a digital code. When she sees a police van go by, she notices that the number of digits is the same as the ID numbers on police vehicle. Struck by a sudden inspiration, she races to the top of the building and looks out for vans peeling off and heading for the airport warehouse where the auction is to be held. She enters the ID code in the radio device, and the van explodes! She starts blowing up the transport vans one after the other, but is seen by local urchins. (White die)

Woman_stabs_hus1814Hideko/Laura establishes the scene; Hideko jumps off the scooter, leaving Wu Tang to make a controlled crash.  She then draws her gun and puts it into Tony Chin’s, who is still recovering from the explosion.  She is about to kill him when grandma Shiyoko loses control and Hideko looks at Tony in confusion. He takes the opportunity to run down a smoky alley, leaving a confused and unavenged Hideko behind. (Black die.)

Wu Tang/Paul resolves the scene, calmly walks after Tony, catches up with him and they have an epic fight. Wu Tang is surprisingly spry and dangerous for an old man, and Tony is getting his third wind. In the end, Wu Tang subdues Tony and drags him back to Shiyoko, not realizing that Hideko is back in control; he drops Tony Chin in front of her, telling her he is hers to kill, as she wished. Shaking and confused, Hideko just stares blankly. (Black die.)

Madame Wu/Jenifer establishes the scene; getting one report after another from her minions that cop vans are exploding; soon, others get the reports too and pandemonium breaks. Madame Wu is eagerly looking at her laptop while the payment from the winner of the auction is transferring to her account, but there is shooting between rival factions, and a grenade comes rolling near the auction table. Madame Wu’s gaze flicks between the progress bar on the transaction and the grenade, hesitating… (Black die.)


Tony: 13 white – Fan-fucking-tastic! He’s running for his life, climbs a building on fire, just in time to see a Russian helicopter and he knows the pilot!  The chopper is here to pick up the Tajik mafiya complement; Tony finds a briefcase full of money, avoids an explosion, flies off into the sunset.

Naomi: 6 black – Pathetic. Caught by cops blowing up police cars, tossed in with the gen pop extracted from Kowloon, goes to prison for the mayhem.

Hideko: 13 black – Awesome, insanely great. Goes home to continue tracking Tony, having seen him jump in the helicopter.

Wu Tang: 2 black – Brutal. When Tony realises Hideko will not kill him, grabs Wu Tang’s cleaver and opens him up from top to bottom, then walks away.

Madame Wu: 15 white – Fan-fucking-tastic! The transaction just went through and Madame Wu managed to grab the laptop and a briefcase full of cash before calmly walking out just as the police burst into the auction warehouse and the grenade went off. She gathered her street urchins to set up her new empire.

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