Mail Art: Proof of Concept

Proof-of-concept-01As mentioned in my last entry, this week’s assignment in my online art class is a piece of mail art with the topic “Correspondence With Memory.”

It so happens that every summer, my mom goes to an event called “Les Correspondances d’Eastman” — a literary festival celebrating novels, poetry, graphic novels, storytelling, letter-writing, and song lyrics.  Every time, she sends my letters she wrote there at a workshop.  So I thought she’d enjoy getting a hand-made letter back; thinking of her put me in mind of another of her favourite activities, bird-watching, so I had my theme.  I want to make a letter that looks like a bird house.

Tonight I created my “proof of concept” mock-up for the envelope; I don’t have the full insert yet.  Naturally, I now need to make this with quality paper and create the images on it.

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