What did we do before the Internet? Edition #237

Tortillas_20130619-01I had made a dish of brown rice, pinto beans, ham and pepper Jack cheese, and we had leftovers so last night my husband said, “Hey, why don’t you turn this into Mexican-style filling for dinner, and I’ll make some tortillas.”  Great idea!  I added peppers, green onions, cilantro, more ham, and cumin, reheated it with a couple of tablespoons of home-made chicken broth, and with a little care it became very suitable for the purpose.

Meanwhile, Edmund is experimenting with a recipe from his usually reliable bread recipe book, but is very unhappy with the dough texture he obtained.  He looks into another book, then another, nothing helpful.  Then we think, hey, Robert Rodriguez had this tortilla recipe in his “Ten-Minute Cooking School” extra to the Sin City DVD.  So we looked it up quickly online: you can find it and other “Cooking School” videos on YouTube, and the recipes have also been transcribed in various places.

After the addition of baking powder and some water, more kneading, and allowing 20 minutes to rise, the tortillas were ready to grill and we had a delicious home-made dinner.  Thank you, Robert Rodriguez!  ^_^


2 thoughts on “What did we do before the Internet? Edition #237

  1. Depending on where I lived, I’d go next door to my Hispanic neighbors and see if they have any suggestions. That’s what I would have done before the Internet. 🙂

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