Neuromancer: Meat and Mind

Neuromancer game coverWhat’s my excuse this time for being late with the essay on the book of the month for my Goodreads group?  Here is a new one for me: I could not decide between two essay topics on William Gibson’s Neuromancer, so I wrote two essays.  And yes, I grant that neither of them is fabulously ground-breaking, but both topics nagged at me until I agreed to write them down, so here we are.

First, here is a discussion of what I think is the conceptual thrust of the book.  (Spoiler alert, duh!)

Dislocation and Integration

While William Gibson’s writing uses jarring sensory impressions and culture clash to make the reader feel dislocated, the whole plot centres around a split artificial intelligence trying to integrate its shards into true sentience.

Perhaps the most immediately notable feature of Gibson’s style is his use of flashes of information, world-wide cultural references, and staccato rhythm.  Throughout the book, Gibson brings dualities into the narrative: mind and senses, reasoning and intuition, brain-and-body, cowboy and street samurai, software and hardware, simstim and matrix inputs, culture and technology, individuality and connection, the struggle to tether the new to the old.  Continue reading “Neuromancer: Meat and Mind”