More Casting for American Gods

Here are additional casting suggestions for supporting characters in a televised version of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. The first post is here.  Naturally, this contains minor spoilers, but I tried to stay away from the big stuff.

These are all tough ones to cast because they are older women and let’s face it, showbusiness is not kind to older women.  As a result, I end up with superstar picks that would likely be too expensive to cast for real, but hey, it’s my dream casting, right?  So I spared no expense.

Zorya Vechernyaya: Vanessa Redgrave (Camelot, The Charge of the Light Brigade, Mary Queen of Scots).  Strong, savvy, capable both of soothing white lies and bitter truths.

Vanessa Redgrave
Vanessa Redgrave

Zorya Utrennyaya: Ellen Burstyn (The Exorcist, The Ellen Burstyn Show, The Spitfire Grill).  She’s known mostly for her own television show and a plethora of supporting parts.  I could really see her early to rise and early to bed, with a sunny disposition and devastating honesty.

Ellen Burstyn
Ellen Burstyn

Zorya Polunochnaya: Julie Christie (Doctor Zhivago, Fahrenheit 451). Al Pacino called her “the most poetic of all actresses.” She recently played Grandmother in the movie Red Riding Hood.

Julie Christie
Julie Christie

Mama-ji: Rekha (Bhaburekha Ganesan).  She would need ageing make-up for the early parts of the role, but she can do dark and strong and independent — and terrifyingly beautiful.

Rekha (Bhanurekha Ganesan)

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