Raise the Curtain! — A Muppet adventure for FAE, coming soon

Muppets group portrait

Yesterday at Endgame we heard that more game proposals are needed in order for FATE Con to be a success on August 10.  That’s a whole Saturday of games showcasing the varied ways in which Evil Hat Productions’ newly revamped FATE system can be used — free, in a friendly environment with great gamers.  Edmund and I have sent our own game submittals, and I hope to see my Bay Area friends there!  The system is available free in PDF, ePub and mobi formats from Evil Hat.

So here is my game outline:

FATE Accelerated coverGame System: FATE Accelerated Edition (FAE)
Scenario Name: The Muppet Show – Raise the Curtain!
GM: Sophie Lagacé
Variations: None; suitable for all ages, kids welcome.
Power Level: Muppets
Number of Players: 6
Characters provided? Yes; add aspects as needed
Description: The Muppets must put on a show — but they have no guest, strange noises can be heard backstage, and the chickens are acting even stranger than usual… Based on Tom “Blue” Tyson’s mini-setting “FAE: The Muppet Show – A New Season”.

There are some neat resources available online which I’m using in order to make nice character sheets.  If I can, I will post my full game notes.

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