octaNe: Born to Be Wild

octane_squareI love Jared Sorensen’s little role-playing/story/indie/hippie game octaNe (Memento Mori Theatricks).  The premise: post-apocalypse road warrior adventures in the style of Six-String Samurai, Repo Man, or the Mad Max movies:

octaNe is a roller coaster ride through the trailer parks and strip malls of a post-apocalyptic, trash-culture America. A garish B movie brought to life in living Glam-O-Vision. A funkadelic, no-holds barred steel cage match of… well, you get the picture. octaNe shares a kinship with the B-movie action of Feng Shui, the PoMo gestalt of Over the Edge, and the weird western vibe of Deadlands (and its post-apocalyptic follow-up, Hell on Earth). But unlike some of those games, it’s not a grim, cautionary tale of the apocalypse or a gritty slice of urban street life. It’s a ridiculous world gone out of control, where the Mythic West meets Hollywood, where the clichés of film noir collide with the excesses of pulp comic books.
— Jared Sorensen, Introduction to octaNe

Google's Driverless CarThere are three dozen stock character templates, or “roles”, provided in the book: Masked Luchador, Elvis Impersonator, Outlaw Biker, Greasemonkey, etc.  One of them is the “Classic Smartcar”, more or less modelled after Kit 2000 and other similar vehicular wonders.

I’ve just been struck by a fierce hankering to play a renegade Google driverless car.  Won’t someone run a game for me?

Role: Classic Smartcar

Quote: “Don’t be evil. Amateur.”

Mode: Psychotronic

Gear: A mostly accurate pre-Collapse map database, advanced camera system, dual machine guns, a mine dropper, and an evergreen-scented air freshener.

Styles: Daring

Skills: Stunt maneuvering, Weaponry, Knowing the lay of the land, Sensors

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