My husband posts a daily image based on a random photo transformed to look more like a work of drawing or painting, which he calls “photodoodles” . Usually he uses his own images, but occasionally he calls for friends and family to send him their own photos for his photo doodling; this is what he did with my “factory second” image of a totem pole from Vancouver Island. I like it!

Photodoodle (tm)

This is a detail from a totem pole.  The original photo (and the pole itself) was marred by a large, square cut in the forehead of the sculpture to place bolts for structural stability – maybe earthquake proofing.

The first thing I did after close cropping to get rid of the bolts was to adjust the perspective a little so that the eyes were more closely lined up.  I only adjusted perspective on the top half of the photo, because I decided I liked the lopsided mouth.  Then it was just a matter of playing with the saturation until I got it to the point that I wanted it, using a large sized brush for aquarial, and then unsharp mask to bring out the different blobs.

Original photo by Sophie Lagace, used with permission.

Photodoodle copyright E. Metheny.

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One thought on “Monster

  1. This led me to think – if I ever get around to doing my Pacific Northwest roleplaying game, I want to illustrate all the monsters using photodoodled images from totem poles.

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