FAE: The Muppet Show – Secret Service

Muppets in Sharpie pen, by groovy geckoFate Con was this Saturday and as promised, I ran a Muppet Show game using Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE).  The character sheets can be found in a recent post.

I ended up with five players, the wonderful Karen (playing Scooter), Jefferson (An-i-mal!), Amy (Gonzo the Great), David (Miss Piggy), and Edmund (Sam the Eagle), plus walk-on parts by other muppets as the fancy took us.  We started by singing the Muppet Show theme (I had printed the lyrics for everyone.)

Despite Kermit’s absence, the Muppets had to put on a show as best they could, starting with finding a guest star, and staging numbers.  Seizing his opportunity for moral reform, chronically disapproving Sam decided that this would be a good time to set an example with an inspiring, high-minded, patriotic show — by inviting the President. He had heard that a petition to the White House gathering at least 100,000 signatures in 30 days had to receive an answer, so he laboriously started  e-mailing repeatedly.  Rizzo and the rats soon turned this into a valuable opportunity by assisting him in exchange for cheese.

Gonzo and Animal, meanwhile, were interested in something loud involving cannons, a bit like 1812, so Sam talked them into a John Philip Sousa-style march (probably “The Thunderer”, I was ignorant and couldn’t tell which.) Buoyed by this success, Sam then decide to invite Bill Clinton to come play saxophone with the Electric Mayhem.

Soon, everyone was into this patriotic theme, with Gonzo planning to read the Declaration of Independence while jumping over the chorus line on his motorcycle, and Miss Piggy getting a sequined red-white-and-blue dress to wear for her singing number.  Scooter was doing his level best to channel everyone’s enthusiasm in a more-or-less show-building direction.

Again, Rizzo was delighted to assist with the project since, a month after the Fourth of July, flags and bunting were cheap and he was able to resell them at a cheesy profit.  But meanwhile, Sam’s project kept growing the closer he seemed to be to his goal, and he started wanting to bring in every living President of the United States — plus Muppet Ronald Reagan.  Continue reading “FAE: The Muppet Show – Secret Service”