Pop Culture Blindsight

Sparth's cover for the French edition of BlindsightContinuing with notes and resources for this month’s book club reading, Peter Watts’ Blindsight, here are some fun links to explore.

First, readers should explore Peter Watts’ own Website and the supplemental material he posted.  Not only are the endnotes from the book expanded there (“for extra credit”), but he provides microfiction in the form of “primary” documents on the Firefall event, Theseus, Burns-Caulfield, Rorschach, vampires, etc.  He also provides alternate jacket covers that use the original art proposed for the book, not the one that was unfortunately altered for the first edition; and art from the various editions of all his books, including foreign editions of Blindsight.

Next, there are a number of exciting tools online for exploring the Solar System.

On the future of space exploration and “realistic” spaceships:

On the novel Blindsight itself (these links contain spoilers, of course!):

Illustration: Concept art by Sparth (Nicolas Bouvier) for the French edition of Blindsight (published by Univers Poche).)

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