Game recap: The Cunning Cat Caper

The Cunning Cat CaperA couple of weeks ago at FATE Con (a game day event held at EndGame in Oakland, California), Edmund ran a game that used the FATE Accelerated Edition (FAE) system and the premise of John Wick’s game Cat: A little game about little heroes.  He posted the character sheets here; we played Silent the stealthy feral (Amy), Ginger the wise oldster (Jefferson), Bearcat the clever rescue (John) and Snowflake the bouncy kitten (me).  Here is what happened.

The rules for both FAE and FATE Core can be downloaded from the Evil Hat Productions site..

The premise: cats are the guardians of Humanity against goblins, boggins, demons and evil spirits of all kinds.  When they appear to be sleeping and twitching in dreams, they may very well be on the Other Side (the spirit world), fighting off the bad guys.

The Cunning Cat Caper

One morning, Bearcat, Ginger and Snowflake woke up to discover their humans had disappeared.  Bearcat went outside to explore and found the big metal box on wheels that takes you to the vet was still there.  At their own house, Snowflake checked the Other Side but got quickly distracted, and ageing Ginger went back to sleep.


Silent, who lived without humans, noticed on his morning hunt that all rats and rat scents were entirely missing in the neighbourhood, though no other animals seemed affected.  He caught a mouse and interrogated it on the rats’ whereabouts; Bearcat, still strolling, joined him.  The mouse begged for mercy and lead the cats to a compost heap where rats were usually helping themselves to the buffet, but there were still none to be found today, nor and scent trails.  As promised, Silent released the mouse — right into Bearcat’s waiting paws…  Continue reading “Game recap: The Cunning Cat Caper”