Fate News for Me!

Pen and pencil clipartI’m bubbling with excitement over my big news: as of a few days ago, I’ve signed a contract with Evil Hat Productions to write the text of a new sourcebook which will use the Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE) system.

FATE Accelerated coverThe kickoff meeting for the project is tonight, which is why I can’t resist blabbing a very little about it.  I don’t yet know how much I will be able to tell about the project and the writing process while I’m working on it, so I can’t drop any details yet.  But the team assembled for the project is fantastic, and I’m just delighted to be part of it.

That said, I still have to produce the posts I promised on adapting licensed settings to FAE, but the last couple of weeks have been busy with work and personal stuff, so blog entries had to take a backseat.  Soon!  (Possibly after Big Bad Con on October 4-6, though.)