AT&T Customer Support Activity Book!

phoneThings to do while you’re on the phone with AT&T:

  • Add “Between the sheets” to the end of every pre-recorded message.
  • Take a drink every time they tell you not to text and drive.
  • Take a shot every time an AT&T employee says “Huh, that’s odd…”
  • Draw a flow chart of the processing of your request, including the customer support tickets, e-mails, online chats, phone calls, and transfers from one department to another.
  • Draw a flowchart of what AT&T tells you the process actually is.
  • Circle the differences between the two.
  • Draw a pie chart of your actual use of the service compared to (1) time spent waiting for support and (2) unsolicited marketing calls, e-mails and mail.
  • Look for the survey to take to inform them that their online survey form is broken.
  • As a relaxation exercise, visualise the NSA also having to deal with AT&T.  That’s the only consolation you get.

Yeah, if I had more time to waste, I’d illustrate this.

shokunin_clock clock_number_tiles_3 piechart

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