FATE of Aldis Part 1: The Big Picture

Woo-HOO! After he ran such a wonderful “Fate of Aldis” game in the Blue Rose RPG setting, I convinced my husband to write about the conversion and how to marry the spirit of Green Ronin’s Blue Rose RPG with that of Evil Hat’s Fate Core.

Ed Plays Games


In converting any previously published setting to another system, the first question that I  ask myself is “What makes this setting attractive or interesting ?”  I purposefully left out “to me” in that statement because while making the world interesting for yourself is important, making the world interesting to your players is equally important.  If the setting is not interesting to you then you will soon tire of running it, and if the setting is not interesting to your players then they will soon tire of playing in it.  In addition, having the setting be interesting in multiple ways will give you more handles to build plot lines on, which will result in a game less set on rails and more fun for everyone concerned. Blue Rose is designed to cover a certain genre of literature – Romantic Fantasy.  The first thing I want to ask myself when beginning a…

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