FATE of Aldis Part II: Game Creation

Edmund continues his series on marrying the Blue Rose RPG (Green Ronin Publishing) and Fate Core (Evil Hat Productions), with some reflections about how to portray the themes in a more immediate way through characters.

Ed Plays Games


(This article is based on Chapter 2 of Fate Core – Game Creation.)

FATE Core has a lot of good ideas or setting creation, and many helpful hints about the sort of characters that it is good at producing, and the sorts of games that it is good at facilitating.  Lets look at a few of the details

What Makes a Good Fate Game?

There are several characteristics of a good Fate game.  These include Proactivity, Competence, and Drama, All of these characteristics map well to Blue Rose – characters in Blue Rose are often proactive, being dispatched on missions with wide-ranging authority to handle things in the name of the Sovereign or some other powerful faction.  They are not just grunts who follow orders, but leaders who are expected to use their own ingenuity to assess problems and solve them.  PCs are also considered to be quite competent which…

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