Evil Hat launches its Street Team

Evil Hat Street Team logoA lot of game companies offer programs in which you can run events featuring their games, and they reward you with swag (for example, I know Atlas Games, Privateer Press, Paizo Games, and Steve Jackson Games do, and many more I’m just not thinking of right now.)  Because I like so many different games and split my time between them, I’ve never joined any particular publisher’s program.

However, Evil Hat Productions just came out with something I had not seen elsewhere: rewards for things you’re already doing, including online and in-person activities.  Go check out their Street Team program, you might qualify for goodies for things you have already done!  It’s hard to get easier than that, so to speak.

You can register any activities you have completed using the Rafflecopter app at the bottom of the post; you have the choice between registering using your name and email address or your Facebook profile.  You can keep entering qualifying activities every day until the end of November.  (I imagine after that Evil Hat will come up with new ways to use the Street Team program.)