War of Ashes RPG: Moving on to the system sections!

Vidaar Forge

Woo-hoo! Having submitted the first draft of the setting material on Sunday night for the War of Ashes RPG I’m writing for Evil Hat Productions, I’m now engaged in two new fun activities: exchanging with the editor, Karen, who has to turn this lump of ore into battle steel (we’ve already come up with some changes that will make it much easier to read); and writing the system portions of the book.

Right now I’m doing the easy stuff: cribbing from the Fate Accelerated Edition book and occasionally from Fate Core to write the basic rules. It’s not very demanding but it’s good review and it goes quickly. Next I will start building the Extras, and that will be serious fun. I think it will also be a good nudge to finish my last post on the Fate of the Budayeen conversion since that too was centred around the extras and use of the Fate System Toolkit.

Credits: Art ©ZombieSmith 2012-2013, used with permission.

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