War of Ashes RPG: Scribbling Furiously

Still musing on Extras as I work on the War of Ashes RPG for Evil Hat Productions.  The last couple of days’ feedback on Parts 2 and 3 from various social media venues has been tremendously useful, so thanks everyone!

Following up on the discussion from Part 3: I think I’ve got the weapons and armour ideas pretty much hammered down, at least for an alpha draft; I’ve laid them out as three options, from most cinematic to grittiest, giving the pros and cons for each so GMs can tailor to their own campaign. (You know I love toolkits, right?)

Now I’ve gone back to doodling about maps and grids, continuing the wandering thoughts from Part 2. I’m starting to get some ideas but they probably won’t be in shape to post today, so I thought I’d share what Stage 1 of the process looks like! Here are a couple of pages from my notebook. It’s messy, but at least these particular pages are written in only one direction…

Scanned notes: Grid combat, p. 1Scanned notes: Grid combat, p. 2

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