Caturday: Mrs. Pedecaris

I’ve seen everyone’s babies, dogs, bunnies and selfies. Now it’s Caturday and by gum I’m going to post pictures of my cats. All day.

This is Mrs. Pedecaris, a foundling who adopted us in Quebec during our honeymoon in 1996. She had taken refuge near the dumpster outside a restaurant we ate at. We tried to find her home, or a new one, but failed, so we kept her. She was name for the character played by Candice Bergen in The Wind and the Lion because, as Sean Connery’s character the Raisuli (a Berber chief with a Scottish slur): “Mrs. Pedecaris, you a grreat deal of trrouble.”  We miss her and her habit of nesting on top of the old CRT monitor and falling on the keyboard.

Mrs. Pedecaris

Photo © Edmund Metheny 1996, used with permission.

One thought on “Caturday: Mrs. Pedecaris

  1. She looks very much like my cat Baby, when she was little. I had her, rather she tolerated us, for 18 years. I miss her. this picture brings back many memories. Thank you.

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