Advent Day 4: Time

Totally cheating for today’s entry: I had an art piece a few months ago on that very subject, so here it is again.  The title of the piece is actually “Time Saved.”

Edit: The watched that stopped at Hiroshima is from  TIME Magazine, 1945. Since this was made for a class and we were required to add an “artist’s statement,” I’ve just added mine at the bottom of this post.

Art piece (collage): "Time Saved"

This collage is made of images cut or torn from magazines dating from 1945 to 2013 plus a map of a fictitious post-apocalypse version of my city of origin (helpfully torn to shreds by my cat). The images are glued onto butcher paper in ragged layers allowed to interweave in order to provide a three-dimensional effect.

I arranged the images into interlocking triangle patterns suggesting either time flowing or time standing still, trying to evoke moments frozen by memory or history against the passage of years and the need to save some of these moments of stillness. The clocks, watches and rooster suggested the marking of time, while the orchids, Egyptian sarcophagus and the woman’s watch shattered at Hiroshima evoked for me our brief, fragile lives.

In preparation for this assignment, I cleared my minds of designs and intentions and allowed my feelings to dictate image choices for their emotional appeal. I then considered the clippings and let a theme emerge; I then realized that I was stressed by my own choice to work on this assignment rather than attend to pressing but less interesting commitments. I turned 48 this week, and it seems there are always more chores than time left, yet I feel a desperate need to preserve some time for things I love, like art.

Image by Sophie Lagacé 2013, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

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