Advent Day 6: Awake

A piece I did for my former art club three years ago for the weekly theme “Coffee.” This is not a giant hummingbird on a regular coffee mug, it’s a normal hummingbird on a demi-tasse. And definitely awake.  🙂

Advent Day 6: Awake

Edit: Art Blah-Blah: Here are the two photos I used for visual reference (cup and hummingbird). I opened the photos next to my work area and sketched both together in one image.  I picked five key colours from the photos and placed them in my palette: red from the cup, and bright green, dark-green-almost-black, white, and orange from the hummingbird photo. MyPaint allows me to “dip” the electronic brush in the colours as needed.

I kept the splash of orange behind the hummingbird’s head; in the original photo it was probably a flower or a feeder, but I chose to interpret it as the sun for the morning coffee tie-in.

Technical stuff: Drawn in MyPaint 0.8.2 with Wacom Intuos 3 4×5 tablet and stylus.  For those who care, the 8 layers are, from bottom to top: green background (pastel paper), palette (hidden), sun, cup sketch, hummingbird sketch, cup colours, hummingbird colours, signature.  No effects, filters, or other gimmicks.

Image by Sophie Lagacé 2010, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.