War of Ashes RPG: Extras, Extras! – Part 4: Ancient Wonders

Snow skirmish among Ancient ruins

As I work on the system portions of the War of Ashes RPG I’m writing for Evil Hat Productions, I’ve reached the sections that are not ready just out of the box in the Fate Accelerated system.  In Fate parlance, these are the Extras, used to model some special features of the setting like magic, superpowers, advanced technology, etc. Part 1 of the discussion focused on magic; Part 2 (and a smattering of related posts) on miniatures combat; and Part 3 on gear and equipment.

Today I want to think about the lost knowledge and technology of Ancient Sentians.


In the history of the world of Agaptus and the War of Ashes, many centuries ago the Sentian people reached high levels of knowledge and technology, at least compared to their descendants. The Sentians were ruled by scholar kings and built great capitals, roads, monuments, and temples; but then the Kuld hordes arrived from the north and the Sentians had to create a warrior class. When the Kuld were repelled—for good, they thought, though they were wrong—victorious General Vidaar and the military caste, fearing obsolescence, seized power from the scholars and destroyed every shred of writing, knowledge, or education they could find. Thus the knowledge of the Ancients was obliterated, though not the marvels they had left behind.

Eventually, the military faction was tricked into leaving and became the Vidaar nation; while those left behind to rebuild, painstakingly trying to reconstruct lost knowledge, became the Elvorix. Both factions are descendants of the Ancient Sentians, but neither can equal the feats of architecture and engineering left behind. Continue reading “War of Ashes RPG: Extras, Extras! – Part 4: Ancient Wonders”

Advent Day 7: Ready

Another piece I did for my art club, this time for the weekly theme “Flying.” I based it on this video of an owl swooping down.  Technical stuff: Drawn in Jasc PaintShop Pro 7 with a Wacom Intuos 3 4×5 tablet and stylus.

Owl in flight

Image by Sophie Lagacé 2010, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.