Advent Day 16: Strong

Today’s topic is “Strong.”  I was raised in a lushly wooded area and as a kid I would go take comfort under the largest trees I could find when I was upset; trees are still my symbol of strength and my refuge.  Big trees are one of the reasons I love the Pacific Coast.

The photo was taken at Dash Point State Park in Washington State.

Advent Day 16: Strong

Image by Sophie Lagacé 2005, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

One thought on “Advent Day 16: Strong

  1. Sophie, one of the most beautiful tree areas around here is a Hemlock climax in northeastern Maryland. Basically, the Hemlocks crowded out all other forms of vegetation and took over about a square mile of land in this park. A stream runs through it and a hiking path. It’s such an unusually beautiful, peaceful place.

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