Fate of Bayern: Spell “Skill”

castfalk_picMore on hacking Fate Core (Evil Hat Productions) to play Castle Falkenstein (R. Talsorian Games): some justification for the way I decided to assign spell difficulty. I’m trying to stick as close as possible to the stats used in CF so that instead of writing big conversion tables for every single elements—and especially spells—I can just use a simple rule.

I was trying to decide how to assign a spell “skill” or difficulty value.  I latched on to the base thaumic energy requirement values for Falkensteinian spells because they follow a ladder progression, which makes it possible to map to Fate values.

I decided to use half the base thaumic cost as the skill value because it meant that a typical starting player character, who could be expected to assign a Good [+3] or Great [+4] bonus to the Sorcery skill if they were building a Sorcerer, would have even odds or better against half to two-thirds of the spells available in the base books (Castle Falkenstein and Comme Il Faut). Here’s what it looks like:

Base Thaumic Cost Resulting Difficulty Number of Spells in CF and CIF As Percent
2 +1 1 1%
4 +2 13 17%
6 +3 17 22%
8 +4 24 32%
10 +5 7 9%
12 +6 7 9%
14 +7 1 1%
16 +8 6 8%
Total: 76 100%

By the way, the spells with a base cost of 16 (mapping to a difficulty of +8) are largely death spells and necromancy, so I’m OK making those difficult…

Image by William Eaken, 1994 from Castle Falkenstein (R. Talsorian Games). Used without permission, no copyright challenge intended.

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