Ooops! Harmonics in my spell…

Sample card from the Decl of Fate: +0, one moon, one sunSo I borked the Deck of Fate probabilities last night in my Fate of Bayern post, at least in terms of assigning thaumic energy types and harmonics. The way I wrote it, you would have much higher chances of some types of harmonics than others.

My bad: I couldn’t remember where I had read the number of each combination of sun and moon symbols (it was in this post from Fred Hicks) and I was too intent on writing to actually count them myself. But today I did count them (it’s much easier using the PDF than the deck for this).

Based on this, I assigned the thaumic energy flavours so they would all have the same probability: one sun = Material, multiple suns = Elemental, one moon = Spiritual/Dimensional, and multiple moons = Emotional/Mental. In addition one moon and one sun are at the GM’s discretion based on the fiction, and an eclipse means a wild spell.

That also means I have to change the final part of the example in the earlier post (see after the table).

No. Cards Motif Assigned Thaumic Type
18 Single sun Material
6 Two suns Elemental
6 Three suns
6 One moon, two suns
6 Two moons, one sun Emotional/Mental
6 Three moons
6 Two moons
18 Single moon Spiritual/Dimensional
6 One moon, one sun GM’s choice
3 Eclipse Wild

So the earlier example would produce the following harmonics:

  • Turn 1: O (Material)—properly aligned.
  • Turn 2: C (Spiritual/Dimensional).
  • Turn 3: O (Material)—properly aligned.
  • Turn 4: CCO (Emotional/Mental).
  • Turn 5: COO (Elemental).
  • Turn 6: OOO (Elemental), then CCO (Emotional/Mental).
  • Turn 7: O (Material)—properly aligned.
  • Turn 8: C (Spiritual/Dimensional).
  • Turn 9: O (Material)—properly aligned.
  • Turn 10: C (Spiritual/Dimensional).

For a total of 4 cards properly aligned with Material energy, 3 aligned with Spiritual/Dimensional, 2 with Emotional/Mental, and 2 with Elemental. Coincidentally, I don’t actually have to change my description!

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