Fate of Falkenstein: Duels!

Yevgeny Onegin, by Repin

More on hacking Fate Core (Evil Hat Productions) to play Castle Falkenstein (R. Talsorian Games): time for a swashbuckling duel!

Castle Falkenstein pp. 192-196 offered extensive duelling rules; they would take a while to explain so instead I will link to these pages and you can read them if you are interested (click to enlarge):

CF-duel-p192 CF-duel-p193 CF-duel-p194 CF-duel-p195 CF-duel-p196

Duel rules are optional and it’s entirely possible to play “Fate of Falkenstein” without ever using them. However, here are two options in case you want the added drama, pomp, and circumstance. Continue reading “Fate of Falkenstein: Duels!”