Comic Book Art: My favourite artists


Someone started a meme on Facebook:

To help us appreciate comic book art we have this Facebook game. Click “like” and I will will assign you a comic book artist. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know their work; just Google the artist and choose an image of the one you like most, and put it on your timeline with this message. Make comments or just let the art speak for itself.

But no one so far has assigned me my own all-time favourite comic book artists, so I’ll tell you about some of them.

1. Jean-Claude Mézières

I love, love, love Jean-Claude Mézières’s stuff. Best known for his work on the Valérian and Laureline series (the graphic novels, not the awful anime based on the same series) but also for his concept art on science fiction movies like Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element (along with Jean Giraud). Here are his Wikipedia entries in English and French. If I had to pick only one comic book artist, it would be him. He does the pencils and inks, and his sister Évelyne Tranlé does the equally wonderful colour work.


Most of the Valérian and Laureline series albums have been translated in English, but the translations are often somewhat unfaithful, which pisses me off.


2. Linda Medley

Kinda Medley is best known for her on-going series Castle Waiting, which revisited fairy tales in a modern light long before the recent trend marked by Once Upon A Time, Grimm, Snow White and the Hunter, or even Bill Willingham’s Fables. I love both her disarmingly homey yet detailed art and her tongue-in-cheek writing.




3. Bill Sienkievicz

I first noticed Bill Sienkievicz’ work on The New Mutants, but he has worked on many titles like Moon Knight, Batman, and Elektra. No one has ever drawn Warlock as well as he did. He has a sense of flow and movement that I adore.




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