Matrioshka (Russian dolls)I’ve been quiet on the blog this month because (1) I just started a new full-time job with a long commute, (2) I’m taking a couple of online classes, and (3) my free time has to go to addressing the review comments on the alpha draft of the War of Ashes RPG.  Some things I have to write as soon as I have time:

  • Report of first playtest of Do: Fate of the Flying Temple.
  • Report of first playtest of my Fate of Falkenstein hack.
  • Review of the online classes, which are very interesting.

What I really want to write about:

  • My latest Fate hack idea, adapting the world of Dragaera from Steven Brust’s Vlad Taltos and Khaavren Romances series.

Because I’m like that, always with more ideas than time…

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