Fate: Form-Fillable Adventure Worksheet

1-page_Adventure_templateRemember the Fractal Adventure worksheet for Fate, which I used in my example of adventure creation? My friend John Reiher sent me a note and a new version:

Hi Sophie,
I took upon myself to make your FAE Fractal adventure worksheet form fillable. I did it by using a 30 day trial of Adobe Acrobat. Sadly, the most current version automatically adds a signature field to the PDF when you add form fields. I can’t remove that bit, it’s not an option. They may change this, as it’s major annoyance for most users to be prompted to sign the form. If I can figure out how to get rid of that signature request, I’ll send you a new copy.

You can download the result here: [Edit: With problem mentioned in the comments below now corrected1-page_adventure_template_form-fillable-3  — Now you can save your filled worksheet with the data!