War of Ashes RPG: So Close!


So the reason I have not had time to write for this blog is I’ve been addressing alpha playtest feedback on the War of Ashes RPG for Evil Hat Productions. We’ve had a few incredibly productive dev meetings, and we’re quite happy with the way the game is coming together. Addressing playtest comments has made it better, more consistent, clearer. I’ve been writing frantically, with the help of editor Karen Twelves, rules maven Mike Olson, and project manager Sean Nittner. And with all the great ideas generated, we have lots of material left over for Web extras when the game comes out.

We’re going to have a beta playtest, and the application form is open on the Evil Hat site: http://www.evilhat.com/home/war-of-ashes/ —Squee! you can also see the cover mock-up and read the official status details!

Playtest applications are open until July 6. Try the new, improved version and tell us if we got it right or need more improvement!

Credits:  Art © ZombieSmith 2014, used with permission.

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