Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Progression

Sentinel of the MultiverseMy husband and I encountered Sentinels of the Multiverse (published by Greater Than Games) for the first time in 2014—i.e., after everyone else—and we immediately loved it. It is a superhero-themed cooperative game, easy to learn and with fantastic replay value.

Also in 2014, we started replacing movie- or television-watching during dinner time with board games instead: some that got a lot of mileage included Mice & Mystics (Plaid Hat Games), Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert (GameWright), Zeppelin Attack! (Evil Hat Productions), Galactic Strike Force (Greater Than Games), Smash Up (Alderac Entertainment Group), and a smattering of others.

But our most-played was hands-down Sentinels of the Multiverse, which prompted us to get the Infernal Relics/Rook City expansion and the decks for heroes Unity and The Scholar, villains Miss Information and Ambuscade, and the Silver Gulch 1883 and Final Wasteland environments. (I’m sure we’ll get other expansions in 2015…)

We usually played with two heroes each, one of us also handling the villain deck and the other the environment deck. We worked our way through all the villains we had available a few times, then encountered them again in Advanced mode until we had managed to beat them all. (I think Citizen Dawn was the toughest in Advanced mode.)

We tried playing with three heroes a few times, but it broke the convenient back-and-forth of alternating turns between Edmund and I, so for our next challenge we decided to start tackling villains using only two heroes. We started during the holidays; so far, Expatriette and Nightmist have beaten Baron Blade in the Realm of Discordia; then Ra and Tempest beat Omnitron in Wagner Mars Base, and Ambuscade in Insula Primalis.

Now we’re done with the wimpy villains—things are about to get tough! Our own ratings for the villains’ increasing difficulty, different from the official ones:

  1. Baron Blade, Omnitron, Ambuscade
  2. The Ennead, Plague Rat, Spite, Apostate, Gloomweaver,
  3. Akash’bhuta, Grand Warlord Voss, Miss Information
  4. Citizen Dawn, The Matriarch, The Chairman

Expatriette Ra_0 Tempest

Update: On 1/11 Ra and Tempest beat Gloomweaver to a pulp in Silver Gulch 1883, and on 1/12, they squeaked to a victory over Apostate in the Ruins of Atlantis, with Ra incapacitated two turns from the end and Tempest ending with 1 HP!

Update #2: Last night Ra and Tempest beat Spite on Wagner Mars Base. Ra was not ideal, Haka would have been a better choice here, but we still managed it on the second try.

Update #3: Epic victory against Plague Rat tonight for Haka and Tempest, in the Realm of Disco(rd). At one point both heroes were at 2-3 HP left, afflicted with “Infection” and Plague Rat was back at full health with half a dozen Ongoings. Then the moment we’d been waiting for arrived: the Distortion “Imbued Vitality” came into play, so all ongoings suddenly had 6 HP and were the lowest villain targets. Haka used “Punish the Weak” and destroyed them all. Shortly before that, Tempest had just managed to put two copies of “Cleansing Downpour” in play. From then on we slowly crept up on Plague Rat, but then we started worrying that we would have to shuffle the villain trash—and bring back all the Infection cards. We finished him on his last card!

Religious Offense

Jesus and MoThere’s been a lot of discussion in recent years about religious offense (according to Wikipedia, that means “any action which offends religious sensibilities and arouses serious negative emotions in people with strong belief and which is usually associated with an orthodox response to, or correction of, sin.”) And I, for one am mightily tired of suffering religious offense.

I’m offended every time someone suggests that posting irreverent cartoons might deserve murder.

I’m offended every time someone tells a kid that their friend who isn’t of the same religion will go to hell because of it.

I’m offended every time a woman is treated as being half a man’s worth because someone’s god supposedly decreed it so.

I’m offended every time a child is molested by a religious authority, and I’m fucking mad as hell when the higher religious authorities systematically cover this up.

I’m offended every time a girl suffers genital mutilation in the name of purity.

I’m offended when people are denied basic rights, harassed, jailed, even murdered for their sexual orientation in the name of religious belief.

I’m offended every time a pharmacist, doctor, counsellor, or other health professional withholds contraception from a woman because of their religion.

I’m offended when a child is denied medical care because their parents have religious objections.

I’m offended every time I see a barrier to holding office based on religious belief or lack thereof.

I’m offended people are jailed, beaten, mutilated, murdered under the law of the land for blasphemy.

In short, I’m religiously offended all the time. So if you’re one of those people who care deeply about religious offense and like to tell me how I should adopt a gentler tone, won’t you please, pretty please, fuck right off?

Credits: Jesus and Mo is used under Creative Commons License for noncommercial purposes, under the same license. Joe Forde, I made a donation to Jesus and Mo’s Patreon site for you. You’re welcome.