Our first encounter with Iron Legacy

“We regret to inform you that Iron Legacy will not be speaking at tonight’s League of Evil dinner. Legacy, Tempest, Chrono-Ranger and Nightmist will bring him flowers.”

We got two of the expansions for Sentinels of the Multiverse during the holidays, “Shattered Timelines” and “Wrath of the Cosmos.” We’ve faced, and eventually beaten, every villain until the only one left was Iron Legacy, so that’s who we faced for our dinnertime game.

He hits hard, but Nightmist got rid of all four of his ongoing cards at the end of the first round. After that, it was just a question of hitting as hard and as fast as we could; with (heroic) Legacy boosting our damage by two, Chrono-Ranger shot Iron Legacy to tiny ribbons.

We’re horribly pleased with ourselves, and we’ve decided that we can’t play again for a while. We’ll switch back to Mice & Mystics at dinnertime!

RIP Iron Legacy

3 thoughts on “Our first encounter with Iron Legacy

  1. Nightmist was the star of this particular encounter – not only blowing away all of Iron Legacy’s ongoing cards on turn 1 but preventing him from drawing cards on turn 2.

    There was certainly a component of luck to our victory as well. None of Iron Legacy’s initial ongoing cards were indestructible, Legacy got his damage boost up to +2 on turn two, which allowed Chrono-Ranger to really max out his damage. Even so I think that Nightmist was down to single digit HP by the end of the game, with the rest of the heroes not much better off. Iron Legacy does not give heroes much set-up time – I imagine that some heroes such as Absolute Zero will most likely be put out of action before they can really get rolling.

    We’ve only beaten him once, but I get the impression that games with Iron Legacy will all be pretty short. His one vulnerability is the low number of HP he has, and you need to ruthlessly exploit that by pounding him into the ground. But he does so much damage that if you aren’t fast your whole team is down in (at a guess) 4-6 turns.

  2. Congratulations. I figured the only way to beat the guy would be to have your remove ongoing cards power available turn 1. At least I know its mathematically possible to win against him now.

    1. Admittedly, we were lucky Nightmist got the perfect cards on Round 1. We’d figured we would get crushed the first time, but we would just keep going at him with heroes that can can do deck control and destroy ongoings.

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