Bad form

Hugo AwardI’m surprised that I have not seen discussions of the Hugo awards “Sad Puppies” in my G+ feed. I know most of my friends are scifi fans, so here is the skinny on the current flack.

In 2013, if memory serves, authors Larry Correia and Theodore “Vox Day” Beale complained that the (fan-selected) Hugo awards were overlooking more worthy works… in the military SF, planetary romance and space opera sub-genres. I know, right? They set up their own list of alternate nominations (their own Salon des Refusés…) and again in 2014. This year, Brad Torgensen curated the list.

But — surprise! — there’s more to it. Correia and Beale are vocal opponents of “Social Justice Warriors” and diversity, and claim this is what is displacing worthier works. Huh! You don’t say. So many authors have been eager to distance themselves by declaring that they are not “sad puppies”: author Dave Creek has an overview on his Facebook page, and Adam Troy-Castro has more thoughts.

As you might guess, authors’ statements on various aspects of the fracas have helped me edit my reading list…

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