First Impressions: Mindjammer

Mindjammer RPG coverI’d been eyeing Sarah Newton‘s Mindjammer Roleplaying Game (Mindjammer Press/Modiphius Entertainment) since it came out, but to be honest, the price was a little steep for me — it seemed completely reasonable for such a book, but I still have to think about the amounts I spend on games, versus how likely it is that I will get to play or run the game. I kept waiting to find a used copy at my FLGS, but it’s Annah Madriñan’s moving sale last week that gave me the chance I was looking for. I bought Annah’s second copy and it promptly arrived, in near-mint condition.

I read through a chunk of the game this weekend and it’s so good! I just had to go buy the novel by the same title which Sarah wrote for the setting.  If you like science fiction writ large and can afford it, this book is completely worth the price tag. I think I will run this at Big Bad Con this year. The new Hearts & Minds adventure and any upcoming supplements are now moving up my to-buy list.

The game offers a splendid amount of choice in terms of scope, style, and stories of transhuman science fiction, while offering a rich setting to tie into if you want. It also occurred to me that if you love the ideas in a story game like Joshua A.C. Newman’s Shock: Social Science Fiction (Glyph Press) or its follow-up Shock: Human Contact but are more comfortable with classic RPGs where everyone plays a character, the match could be great. You’d play an episode of Shock to create the broad strokes of your setting, then use Mindjammer to flesh it out and create a campaign.

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