RPG a Day: Playing favourites

Type-Writer11. Favourite RPG writer

That’s SO tough! There are so many I love. Here are a very few, and I feel bad already that I’m probably forgetting many names.

  • Meguey Baker
  • Leonard Balsera
  • Robert Bohl
  • Emily Care Boss
  • Julia Bond Ellingboe
  • Jerry D. Grayson
  • Steve Kenson
  • Shoshana Kessock
  • Anna Kreider
  • Jenna Moran
  • Sarah Newton
  • Jack Norris
  • Mike Pondsmith
  • Elizabeth Sampat
  • Daniel Solis
  • Greg Stolze
  • Mark Diaz Truman
  • Jonathan Tweet
  • Chad Underkopfler
  • Monica Valentinelli


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