RPG a Day: A thousand words…

The Big Adventure, by zazB

12. Favourite RPG illustration

Ugh, Dave Chapman keeps asking questions I can’t really answer. I will hedge by showing you my favourite illustration about role-playing games (I love it and I’ve used it before), and listing a few of my favourite RPG illustrators. The image is “The Big Adventure” by zazB (Guillaume Bonnet).

  • Janet Aulisio, for Vampire, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Everway, and many more.
  • John Bridges, for his work on Fading Suns, Werewolf, etc.
  • Claudia Cangini, for Fate Accelerated, 1001 Nights, The Ruined Empire, Night Witches, etc.
  • Storn Cook, particularly for his work with Mutants & Masterminds, Hero, and lots of free art he posts here and elsewhere.
  • Bill Eaken for Castle Falkenstein.
  • Langdon Foss, for Aeon Trinity, WoD stuff, etc.
  • Andy Hopp for his work on Low Life.
  • Denise “Dyonisia” Jones, for Tianxia.
  • Kurt Komoda for his work on Fate Core and Fate Toolkit in particular, as well as Bulldogs! and others.
  • Jeff Laubenstein, particularly for his work on the old FASA Shadowrun and Earthdawn.
  • Eric Lofgren, particularly for Nine Worlds.
  • Rick Marcks, for Motobushido.
  • Jeremy Mohler, for his work on Mythic Russia, etc.
  • Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, for The Blue Rose RPG of course.
  • Jennifer Rodgers, for a lot of lovely art on indies such as The Princes’ Kingdom, Passages, Mortal Coil, The Shadow of Yesterday, etc.
  • Brian Snoddy, particularly for his ink drawings for Legends of the Five Rings 1st ed.
  • Miles Teves, for his work on Jorune.
  • Daniel Thron for HOL. Yep, I liked it.


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