A Little Perspective, Please…

Check out this Dungeon World playbook instead.

A couple of publishers — LotFP and Postmortem Studios, to be specific — have posted anguished mass mailings through OneBookshelf (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow) to urge us to download all their products right now in case OBS decides to remove them from the OBS store.  Under their new (actually existing, but now official) policy, OBS may not feel obligated to  allow just any product on their front page.

OK, anguished publishers, calm down.  I get why you’d urge us to download your stuff but realistically, we’re not about to run out of boobs, crotch shots, or even racist shit.  There are currently 384 products labeled “adult”, which is code for “juvenile”, on OBS.  For heaven’s sake, you can still buy Pimp the Backhanding there, you can get FATAL and RaHoWa elsewhere, you can get camel toes and vagina dentata, you can get any damn thing you made up in your parents’ basement when you were 14 and better yet (for you), other aficionados of the genre can easily find it to hand you their fapbucks for your “work.”

And, would you believe it, no one is even trying to ban that crap.  Hope to the Flying Spaghetti Monster it gets forgotten in the oubliettes of Time, yes; but prevent you from publishing? No.  However, not every publisher and customer want to support your cottage industry.  It’s called the free market, and you really love it when it plays in your favour, as I recall.

Edit: Check out this Dungeon World playbook by Ettin Productions as a healthy alternative.