The Land of Ten Thousand Gods: Relationship Map

My husband has written a hack of Dungeon World for a setting inspired by the mythologies of the Indian sub-continent and southeast Asia, called the Land of Ten Thousand Gods.  We play it twice a month over Google Hangouts, and fellow player Sean Nittner has posted the tale of the first few episodes here, here, and here.  I made a relationship map of our four characters; naturally it evolves after every episode but I’m rather happy with the style.

Relationship map

The relationship map is created in GIMP; the pseudo-Sanskrit font is Samarkan, obtained from and the main text font is Gillius ADF No2 from Arkandis Digital Foundry; the arrow brushes are from SparklingTea on Project-GimpBC.  The background image is a Victorian engraving of the Pudhu Mandapam, Madurai, India.

The character pictures, well… Not so open source. Merit’s avatar is a pirate elf by Minttu; Kanta’s is a photo of Goddess Kali makeup by AllMadHera; Ram Jul’Rash’s is a Dwarf avatar created by Mike “Daarken” Lim for the online game The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age; and Rahi’s is a promo shot of Lynn Collins as Dejah Thoris in the movie John Carter.  Used without permission, no copyright challenge intended.