Day 12, Cycle 1: Food is complicated

Crowd-sourcing time! I need help tracking my nutrient intake and I’m looking for recommendations for a decent phone app or spreadsheet.

I’m slow at recovering appetite. Most days’ food consumption last week has looked like this:

Not a lot there...
Not a lot there…

Today I was brash and asked for salmon so Edmund made this lovely plate for me, but I think I’ll take in about half:


I’m looking for nutrient intake tracking, not just calories or weight. I don’t want miracle diets, foods that ward against cancer, or anything like that — just good simple data management that would allow reasonable guesstimates based on portion size for typical food without too much fiddling on my phone.

4 thoughts on “Day 12, Cycle 1: Food is complicated

  1. Hey Sophie. Not what you are asking exactly but:

    Also consider using quality meal replacement drinks from NutriSport, GNC or similar when you are just not feeling “it” but still need nutrition. These aren’t ‘protein’ drinks. I’m talking about ones that include the full range as well as electrolytes etc. There are options better than the commercial grade Ensure etc. Better quality, taste etc.

    I’ve also used a NutriBullet for extraction (the whole fruit/vegetable etc versus juicing). There are other brands as well. But you can make drinks or smoothies that are palatable and can replace meals when necessary. Just a couple of ideas. There is a decent website on this. I’ll look for it.

    What kind of device(s) do you use? (Android, IOS..?)

    1. The Nutribullet sounds like a good thing in general, but we’ve been specifically instructed to stay away from raw vegetables while Sophie is on chemo.

    2. Will check out the meal replacement drinks. Noticed several people with the protein drinks last time we were at infusion, and wondered about them too. We were scheduled to go for chemo nutrition class this week, but it conflicts with sophie’s chemo session.

  2. I can second the NutriBullet thing. Got one for Xmas, didn’t think I’d like it, but it makes pretty awesome juicy smoothie healthy (but still yummy) drink things.

    Don’t know any apps that would be relevant, sadly. 😦

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