War of Ashes: Fate of Agaptus is a 2016 ENnie Nominee!

ENnies 2016 Nominee
The 2016 ENnie Awards nominees were just announced and War of Ashes: Fate of Agaptus has made the list in four categories:

  • Best Art, Interior
  • Best Family Game
  • Best Rules
  • Product of the Year

It’s up against high-quality, popular releases but it’s so nice to be on the list. (Now I know that at least four people read it!)  ^_^

I am so very fortunate that on my first professional writing gig in the role-playing world, Evil Hat Productions let me create a book the way I wanted to, with the support of their fantastic knowledge and staff resources. It doesn’t get any better!


One thought on “War of Ashes: Fate of Agaptus is a 2016 ENnie Nominee!

  1. That is excellent news. I have run a couple of Fate of Agaptus games now, and it’s a great RPG. You’ve done an excellent job writing it, and the art and fluff for the game are spot on. I’m a Zombiesmith fan and I have all four of the armies in Agaptus, so trying out Fate of Agaptus was the next step. I had not GM’d a game in 20+ years, but the Fate system and all the work you put into story/plot hooks/game suggestions in the book made it easy to run and get into and we all had a good time. “The search for the Hair Conditioner of the Ancients” moves on! (The players made that up, but hey, it works so we’re rolling with it!) Thanks for writing such an excellent product!

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