Day 2, Cycle 6: Brickbat to the head!

Cancer constellation in a circleThe chemotherapy process is unfolding as described in the initial orientation, meaning I get a little weaker all the time. Yesterday was my sixth infusion and the first that left me wiped out for the rest of the day.

Edmund and I had a nice breakfast at our local favourite, JoAnn’s Cafe, conveniently located near the medical centre. During most of infusion time, our friend Mark S, a recently-minted Registered Nurse, came to keep us company and take a look at the infusion setup and process.

With scarves from from Mark and Crystal (red wrap) and (Nacy and Larry (southwest pattern).
With scarves from from Mark and Crystal (dark red wrap) and (Nacy and Larry (southwest pattern).

The infusion proceeded from 11am to a little after 3:30pm, plus some time after that to pick up paperwork from the doctor, a drive to pick up some food (we were starving!) so we got home and ate at 4:30pm. (One reason for the infusion taking a long time: the nurse had to use a vein in my right hand and I told her how much it had hurt for weeks after they had used the left hand for a previous infusion. So she took the time for extra flushing with saline solution between medications. Sure enough, it’s not too bad this morning. Thanks, Marita!)

After eating this late LATE lunch, I collapsed for nap, getting up again around 11pm to get a snack and read mail, then went back to bed at 1am and slept in.

Previous infusions left me feeling good enough to enjoy my evening, but we had to cancel the planned game. I continue to feel shaky, but at least no sign of nausea yet. (And anti-nausea meds do a good job when I have to take them.)