RPG a Day: Proudest character accomplishment

3. What is something you have done with your game character that you are the proudest of?

Constanza1Back at the beginning of the millennium when we had a four-year-long 7th Sea campaign, my character (Captain Constanza de Aldana y Orduño) had plenty of time to undergo a lot of character development. She went from a bookish young woman to a determined righter of wrongs, a Big Damn Hero.

As a player, at one point I saved off my experience for almost a year to buy the Advantage “Woman of Will”; it had been released in a supplement but I surely would have bought it at character creation if it had been available in 1999, so the GM let me buy it after the fact. It felt fitting to the character and to the advantage to save up like this.

As a character, Constanza ended up defeating the pirate Reis as well as putting the rightful king of Castille back on the throne — and secretly marrying said king. Her ship and estate were  refuges for a collection of misfit NPCs that she she had saved from various perils.