RPG a Day: Another PC’s most impressive moment

4. What is the most impressive thing that you can remember another player’s character doing in a session?

Aenid FraalI think it has to be in our “Savage” Dark Heresy game when our Inquisitor sent us, her acolytes, to Icenholm on Sephiris Secundus to check if it had been captured by mutant rebels. For the first time we were provided with Penal Legion troops as support, and our Arbitraor Aenid Fraal, played by Laura, was assigned control of the unit, including their bomb collars’ detonators. Alongside Aenid were Tech-Priest Sanctus Machina (Mark), Commandante Rollando Hernandez (John), and Commissar Calpurnia Jemadar (me).

Icenholm, the planetary capital, had fallen silent during the conflict and all contact had been lost with the planetary governor, Queen Lachryma III. We infiltrated the palace-fortress and reached the top floor, where we found the doors to the Throne Room barred from the outside.

When we broke in, it was pitch dark inside, but the moment we opened the door, the red beams of half a dozen lasers swivelled and locked onto the doorway. Three penal troopers were killed on the spot by hotshot lasguns on full auto. Return shots from Calpurnia and Rollando damaged some of the laser sentries. Aenid ordered one of the human bombs to run in and detonate himself, causing more sparks, explosions, and sounds of shattering. All the lasers temporarily went out. Sanctus Machina made his way into the room and located a door terminal to raise the lights.

And we discovered the Throne of Ice, now severely damaged by an explosion. On the floor were scattered Skitarii tech guards of the Adeptus Mechanicus, with three of them getting back up. On the throne was a sprawled, withered body dressed in robes of office of the queen, shot to pieces.

We had killed the planetary governor!

There was a minute pause as we considered consequences. Then our Arbitrator Aenid shrugged, and cheerfully said “Oh, well!” and we exchanged fire with the Skitarii.

It’s funny because Laura, Aenid’s player, is the nicest, gentlest person in the world. The idea that she sent human bombs to go blow themselves up for the Emperor, in the process killed a planetary governor, and just shrugged it off is so outlandish, it’s irresistibly, grandiosely hilarious for us.


Credits: Picture is the cover illustration of the Warhammer 40,000 omnibus Enforcer, cover art by Marek Okon.